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Antique China & Porcelain Restoration

We are located in Centerville Georgia


Antiques are a family trait. My name is Jay Turner. My grandfather "Big Dad", was an antique dealer in upstate New York around the Lake George area. When I was a Little Man of 6-8 years old, I would ride with him going to the different antique shops.

In the late 1970's he inspired my mother and father, Paul and Christine Peltier, to start CP Restoration. They restored china and porcelain for over 30 years based in Taftville,CT. Within that 30 years they taught me the trade. After my father passed away, my mother had closed the business. 4 years later my mother has taught my wife, Mariana the trade. Now Mariana and I are carrying on the family business and have started CP Restoration Restored.




We repair all types of china & porcelain as well as pottery & ceramics.

We, Jay and Mariana, take pride in our work and give every little piece of history special attention and care.

Whether its just a chip, a crack, broken or missing pieces, you can have your china or pottery invisibly restored. We recreate the missing piece to match perfectly, texture, and the color.

You can choose to have the broken piece put back together and leave the signs of the breaks or have an "invisible to the the naked eye or touch" restoration.

We use high quality materials to ensure a long lasting repair.

In the restoration process we aim to match and keep the vintage look on your antiques, not to make them look new.



No food service after being restored. Any exposure to extreme temperatures (such as a dishwasher) will compromise the repair.